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When is a painting not just a painting? When its digital image is used to create new and unique products.  

My name is Marlene Woodson-Howard. I am older than Grandma Moses when she began to paint—I started at age 74.  

I started entering juried gallery shows in venues near my home.   One of my pieces was chosen for an online show by The Florida Watercolor Society. These shows gave me the validation I needed to continue.  To date, sixteen of my paintings have appeared in one or more juried exhibits.

It all started when I got giclee’ reproductions for my family.   As the number of paintings grew, the stack of reproductions grew.   The next step was to incorporate the digital image into tangible products: pillows, duvet sets, silk scarves, gift wrapping paper, and note cards.

The latest addition to the product line is boutique sportswear shirts with digital designs. 

The store has become a family affair--granddaughter Lauren Woodson is in charge of apparel design.   She has a sharp eye for style and will be modeling each new type of garment.  Watch for bathing suits and dresses in the near future.

Son Bert Woodson is handling marketing and sales.  He has had extensive experience in using social media to reach his audience.

I hope you will enjoy our stuff as much as we have enjoyed making it.





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