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Great time yesterday at the Cortez Stone Crab Festival.  We loaded the boat with friends, icy cold beer, and my dog, Colt Woodson. As an experiment, we all wore Sublime Apparel Poly Sublimation shirts, wearable art  Had a lot of people comment and ask for biz cards to order. Sublime holiday gifts!  www.joyofwatercolor.com/sublime-apparel, and use promo code BAW101 for free shipping. 

Welcome To Sublime Apparel.

I like to think that my friends and family are waaaaay more interesting and fun than the average person.  We live in great places.  We travel.  We enjoy the better things in life and the things that stimulate all of the senses.  You know what I mean, right? Simplicity.  Natural.  No fu-fu, and no umbrellas in [...]

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