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Welcome To Sublime Apparel.

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I like to think that my friends and family are waaaaay more interesting and fun than the average person.  We live in great places.  We travel.  We enjoy the better things in life and the things that stimulate all of the senses.  You know what I mean, right? Simplicity.  Natural.  No fu-fu, and no umbrellas in our drinks.

We want to truly experience the places we travel to.  This means we're not stopping at an exotic port on a cruise ship for a few hours.  We stay there and mix it up with the locals.  We don't like all-inclusive resorts where we're warned against leaving the property.  We try to avoid chain restaurants and bars.  We want the real deal either in all its glory or its miserable failure.  At least we tried it... It was an experience.

We travel light.  No hair dryers. We're ok with bugs.  We're not crazy about snakes and other critters, but we deal with it.  We're active and adventurous.  We don 't do boring.

This is our clientele.  Sublime Apparel is for us.  Great looking clothes for the active adventurerBoutique Sportswear.

Our clothing images are from the original art of my mama Marlene Woodson-Howard. She didn't start painting until the age of 74.  She was visiting me in Costa Rica and became inspired.  Who knew? Her watercolors are great.  We digitize her paintings and "stretch and wrap" them on the clothing.  Each piece is done individually.  Pretty cool.  We'll be adding new clothing as she finishes new work.

We'll be following up in a couple of days with pics of our customers having a Sublime time.  Please feel free to forward your pictures to our Facebook page--Sublime Apparel.

We'll talk later,